The Revolution
is coming!

Ethical and fair transition
of the food system

The revolution does not end but begins on our plates. What we eat is not a private matter because what we eat affects the climate, biodiversity, human rights and causes the suffering of billions of animals


We design and implement innovative products, processes, and services within the FoodTech segment. We work with products that will replace animal proteins, using plants, fungi, and microorganisms.


We are creating a state-of-the-art laboratory and boutique factory of high-quality substitutes for animal-based proteins. We are currently focusing our research and implementation on the segment of plant-based dairy successors. We believe that the time has come to move towards a sustainable, fair, and green food system that combines the love for valuable food with concern for animal rights, love for the planet, and responsibility for human health.


Animal production accounts for almost as much greenhouse gas emissions as all transport combined. It is the cause of rainforest deforestation. It consumes vast amounts of water, pollutes the soil and air, and has a destructive effect on biodiversity. We pursue new legal, institutional, and technological solutions to combat climate catastrophe. We protect the rights of all animals and the environment. We counteract the devastation of biodiversity and natural heritage.


We work on solutions to reduce food waste, as well as to optimise food production and improve its quality, safety, and health. We look for solutions and new technologies to increase crop productivity while reducing negative impacts on human health, climate, biodiversity and animal rights. We promote the idea of short supply chains for the environment and human health. We research and develop new solutions to increase European consumers' access to information on the quality, origin, health benefits, and safety of food products. We see the enormous potential in hemp proteins, among others.

Our Approach



Ethical and fair transition of the food system. The revolution does not end but begins on our plates. What we eat is not a private matter because what we eat affects the climate, biodiversity, human rights and causes the suffering of billions of animals. The future is veganism, but it is up to us to ensure that everyone has access to healthy and ethical food no matter where they live, how old they are or how much they earn. We need to create space for local, ethical, innovative companies because the market and food cannot belong only to large corporations. We do not compete but look for synergies and scale. We share knowledge and best practices with anyone who wants to be part of the green and vegan revolution. Our values are responsibility, equality and empathy.



Hemp is a hardy plant and adapts very well to different climatic conditions. It needs virtually no plant protection products to grow properly. Hemp can also be grown in Poland and does not have to travel thousands of kilometres, which will reduce the carbon footprint of our products. Hemp seeds with husks consist of 35 per cent easily digestible protein. In terms of protein content, hemp is second only to soya. It is characterised by ideal proportions of omega-3 and omega-6 acids. In Europe, cannabis-infused beverages and foods sales are projected to grow at an average annual rate of almost 25 per cent between 2019 and 2026. That is why we want to be an essential part of the plant-hemp revolution in the food industry.



We support those who work for green transformation, animal rights, and the promotion of veganism. There are more and more such people, in NGOs and informal groups, in the media, arts, and science. But we need to support their actions more because the green and vegan revolution will not be possible without them. Therefore, theREV will donate a minimum of 20% of its profits to social purposes. This will be managed in a systemic way by the Green REV Institute. It is one of the theREV founders and the first Polish vegan think-tank, which carries out advocacy activities in the European Union as well as research projects for veganism and animal liberation. Check out our annual reports and assess how we socially invest our profits with the support of the Green REV Institute.


dr Marcin Anaszewicz (he/him)

Lawyer, political scientist, PhD in social sciences, studies in Value-Based Management. For more than 20 years, he has been a member of boards and executives of companies in the food, logistics, and book market. He has many years of management experience in public administration. Over the years, he has been responsible for new product development projects, marketing projects, and restructuring projects. Co-founder and CEO of Green REV Institute. Formerly President of Instytut Myśli Demokratyczne (the Institute of Democratic Thought).

Anna Spurek (she/her)

Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics with a degree in Value-Based Management. Board member of the Green REV Institute. Expert on plant-based substitutes for animal products and production technology certification systems. Experience in business management and international trade (Europe, USA, China). Member of Eurogroup for Animals and the #EUforAnimals Steering Committee. The representative for the European Vegetarian Union and the Aquatic Animal Alliance.

Green REV Institute

The first vegan think-tank in Poland. Initiator and operator of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition. It monitors the European Union's legislative process from the perspective of the objectives of the Paris Agreements, the European Green Deal, and the Farm to Fork strategies. It fosters the idea of the right to product information, the right to safe food, and full access to goods and services. It promotes the development of plant-based businesses in Poland. Member of TAPP Coalition, European Vegetarian Union, Eurogroup for Animals, and EU Platform on Animal Welfare.

We are a group of vegan female and male investors. We form a small but experienced team and a new European vegan food laboratory. We are designing a boutique plant-based dairy factory, as well as experimental hemp cultivation. We have extensive management expertise, including in the food industry, logistics, and finance. Over the years, we have carried out sales and marketing projects in Europe, the USA, and China. Our team includes experts from economics, law, medicine, biology, agriculture, as well as market research, marketing, and new product development.


Management Board

dr Marcin Anaszewicz (he/him)

co-founder / CEO

Anna Spurek (she/her)

co-founder / COO

Advisory Board

Aga Maciejowska (she/her)

CEO of Plan Be and Co-founder of She managed the Polish edition of the Silicon Valley accelerator - Founder Institute. Ambassador of the Gdańsk Starter Entrepreneurship Incubator and winner of the Central European Startup Award. Expert and juror at Chivas Venture. Mentor in Startup Spark, Business in Women's Hands, TechLeaders

Fabrizio Marino (he/him)

chef of Maggese. He met the legendary Swiss chef Pietro Leemann in 2008, who invited him to work at his restaurant Joia in Milan. Joia was opened by Pietro in 1989, and gained a Michelin star in 1996 – the first vegetarian menu to win one in Europe. Fabrizio launching, Maggese, an all vegetarian restaurant in San Miniato for October 2018

prof. Piotr Rzymski (he/him)

Professor of Environmental and Medical Biology, co-author of about 200 scientific publications, academic lecturer, popularizer of science. Chief Scientific Officer of USERN international research network, expert of the EU Research Executive Agency. Scholarship holder of the FNP and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Since 2020 ranked in the top 2% of the world's most quoted scientists (according to Stanford University/Elsevier)

Karolina Skowron (she/her)

Executive Director of Akcja Demokracja. Previously, the director of the Polish branch of The Albert Schweitzer Foundation. International speaker on connecting feminism to animal rights. Creator of the Animal Center at the Women's Congress. Co-founder of the global Connections Alliance. Leader of the Polish Vegan Ladyboss group

Jennifer Stojkovic (she/her)

multi-talented executive leader in the future of food and tech innovation space. American activist known for founding the Vegan Women Summit (VWS),credited with breaking gender bias and discrimination in business. She is well known for consolidating the leaders of the food industry to create awareness for women